Certification Guide

World Chase Tag® offers three levels of certification that will help you learn and teach Chase Tag® effectively. This is a mandatory step in your affiliate journey.

The self-paced component of the Online Level 1 course is followed by a live webinar where you can participate in Q&A and receive coaching and feedback from WCT’s regional managers.


The Online Level 1 Course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about World Chase Tag® core concepts, movements, and methodology, and it provides a convenient alternative for those who are unable to attend an in-person course.


The course starts with lecture-based and interactive instruction on the basic principles and movements of World Chase Tag® and concludes with a 60-question multiple-choice test. It is a required step for anyone interested in working as a Chase Tag® coach at a SLA facility.

The Level 2 is a significant improvement over Level 1. You’ll learn about the complete rules and guiding systems of WCT®, you’ll learn how to run Chase-Offs competitions (teams & individual) and will get an overall better understanding of the sport. You’ll leave more capable of teaching and bringing your students to the higher levels of competitions with a strong emphasis on safety on the Quad™.

This level of certification is mandatory for coaches and organisations operating under an Official License Agreement and owning a Quad™. 

Level 2 coaches are able to run group and private lessons, WCT® Chase-offs and be picked as referees.

WCT® Level 3

The WCT® Level III Certification is our master level course for our instructor team. These individuals are involved in the process of developing and updating the certification. They have a broad knowledge of the discipline and all its components.

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