Brand Activation

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Bring your messages to life through a memorable experience.
Build brand awareness and increase customer engagement with our World Chase Tag® events. A positive sports experience that promotes interaction between consumers and your brand.

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Why partner with us

Attract Attention
Grab consumers' attention by creating a positive experience that will encourage them to discover your brand
Be Different
From the competition. Promote your brand through an innovative & high-profile sport.
Create an emotional connection with your customers. Bring them closer to your brand and participate in shared experiences.
Generate Sales
Boost your sales and invite customers to purchase your products to join the club.

Visibility Options

On the Quad™


Position yourself on the arena where the athletes will chase. Different levels and options available (floor, obstacles, perimeter, stickers, banners, …).

Live Graphics & Commentary


Increase your visibility by integrating your logos and messages on screen and through the commentators.

Jerseys & Merchandising


Place your logos on the WCT players’ shirts to increase exposure. You’ll be certain to be shown on EVERY photo of the teams and games.

Other Options


Invite guests, give your name to an event, add your company to the trophy, be integrated to the photocall or build a pop-up store at the event…

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