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Our Chase Tag® competitions are contested by the best Parkour athletes and Ninja Warrior competitors from around the globe and our footage has featured on NBC Sports, ESPN, Channel 4, Fuji TV, CBS, BBC and many more.

Our licensees are located all over the world. Together, they constitue a community of chasing enthusiasts united around the idea that exercise can be fun & safe. World Chase Tag® is changing the face of sport and fitness transforming the oldest game into a global sport.

World Chase Tag® is now present in the USA, China, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, New-Zealand, Poland, Czech Republic & Israel.

The success we’ve had so far is all down to the fact that Chasing is such a natural thing for people to do. Pretty much every person we speak to around the world played Chase Tag when they were young so I think its just something that everyone can relate to. For thousands of years, Chasing and Evading would have been a matter of life and death so its easy to see why we still have such a strong reaction to it today.

Christian Devaux

World Chase Tag® Founder

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