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Offer a new and fun activity to your visitors with our Chase Tag™ initiation workshops. Activity can last from 10 to 45 minutes per group. They will discover this new activity seen on TV and its rules, learn how to move within the Quad™ before competing in chases adapted to their level and age.

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+10 years of experience in the sports and events industry. 

If you can think of it, we can make it

Bring World Chase Tag® to your audience and become the next Knight of Flight (WCT MVP) !


We can help you from the conception to the execution. We offer all the necessary services such as the rental and installation of the official arena (the Quad™). With the largest number of Quads™ in the world, we can meet all your event requirements as quickly as possible. 

WCT is a global sensation sports and our footage has featured on NBC Sports, ESPN, Channel 4, Fuji TV, CBS, BBC and many more.


World Chase Tag – Initiation


Workshops for groups with certified instructors on or off the Quad™. At your venue or in our partnered gyms.

Seasonal Event


Tailor your event to the period. Halloween, Christmas… We can make the arena look any way you want it and add costumes to create themed games !

Your Idea


You want something original or unique ? Let’s get in touch and make it happen !

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